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  • Rachelle Fomon

Is Reverse Osmosis Water Safe For Drinking?

Updated: Nov 28, 2022

Yes! In fact, it's one of your best options when it comes to safe drinking water. But even though reverse osmosis water is one of the purest forms available, some people still have doubts about drinking reverse osmosis water.

If you do some scouting around on the internet, you may think that reverse osmosis water can cause health problems because it doesn't have minerals. Or that it's too acidic because of the absence of alkaline minerals. Some myth-makers even go so far as to suggest reverse osmosis water will leach minerals out of your bones. This is all nonsense.

Certainly I agree that you need to get adequate minerals. But you can get your minerals through a number of other sources, like your food. It's easy to put things back into your diet or even dissolve it into your water. It's a lot harder to take bad things out, such as contaminants that are lurking in your water supply.

If you're worried reverse osmosis water brings too much acidity into your body, then you shouldn't use vinegar, lemon juice or drink orange juice either. We eat plenty of acidic foods, and many of these acids are necessary for health, like ascorbic acid or vitamin C. Reverse Osmosis water comes nowhere near the acidity of a nice salad dressing or glass of lemonade. If you're still concerned about acid in your diet, all you need to do is make sure you enjoy a well-rounded diet. By eating enough alkaline foods, you can balance out the acids in your diet.

If you're anxious that reverse osmosis water will leach minerals out of your bones, relax. When you drink water, it doesn't go straight to your bones and start pulling minerals out. It flows through your digestive system where it mixes with minerals and other nutrients to form blood, lymph fluid and other aqueous mediums in your body. Rather than worrying about an unquestionably pure glass of water robbing your body of minerals, think about making sure you're getting adequate minerals in your diet. Eat calcium, magnesium and potassium-rich foods, or even take a supplement.

Bottom line, reverse osmosis water is one of the safest choice for drinking, Yes, you may need to pay a little more attention to getting minerals from your foods, but wouldn't you rather do this than worry about the hundreds of contaminants in drinking water? Especially since many of these contaminants aren't ever tested for. So is reverse osmosis water for drinking? The answer is an absolute, no-holds-barred "Yes!"

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