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What does 'water treatment' involve?

As people become more concerned about the cleanliness of the water in their homes it has become common for homeowners to invest in water filtration, so clean water can be readily accessed. The need for education is important regarding this water filtration movement. But how do we decipher the validity of everything we hear? We’re here to set you on the right path to pure, clean water with the top misconceptions debunked.

MYTH #2:

Filters that don’t backwash have no way to flush out the sediment and other contaminants in the water.


Lucky for us, municipalities treat city water before it enters our home. This means, the water coming into our home shouldn’t contain sediment. Nearly all city water’s pre-treatment consists of sediment filtration of particulates and additionally iron or manganese filtration to further improve water quality. City Water is further improved based on water testing regulations required by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). These tests are public information and can be obtained by contacting your local city government office. When contaminants are found in concentrations higher than the allowable levels determined by the EPA, water will be further treated by the municipalities. The myth that filters must backwash to remove sediment is false, because that process is already done by city municipalities before it enters our home. With that said, city water is usually treated to remove a broad range of contaminants, but you must always remember that municipal water treatment doesn’t guarantee your water will be clean and safe to drink.

Sometimes we need additional treatment systems to remove contaminants that weren’t eliminated at the municipalities.

A reverse osmosis system is your best bet if you wish to make your drinking water as pure as possible and investing in a whole home filtration system will decrease the chances of adverse health effects down the road.


There are a lot of myths out there about your water, but the best news is that there are also a lot of answers. Whether you have heard your own myths you need to debunk, or you’re ready to talk to someone about a filtration system, contact PuraClean Water for a free water consultation today to get the facts.

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