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Mini Purafier

Whole House Filter

  • reduces bathrub ring

  • no chemicals or salt to add

  • reduces chlorine and chloramines

  • no water to drain and no valve, thus no electrical use or repair services

  • provides safer, healthier water at every faucet in your home, offices or complex

  • eliminates the taste and odor of chlorine and chloramines

  • reduces lead and other heavy metals in your water

  • long life non-carbon media, bio-static; eliminates harmful effects of hard water scale

  • improves plant growth via a lowered water surface tension

  • scale prevention to protect your plumbing fixtures

  • controls the growth of microbial contaminents, such as bacteria, algae and fungi

  • reduces hydrogen sulfide (rotten egg smell)

  • improves the taste of water and eliminates odors

  • showers and bathing are healthier due to the chlorine removal

  • eliminates hard water effects of calcium and magnesium

  • makes soaps and detergents last longer


How Does It Work?

Your water is filtered in five steps through a patented complex distribution system.


Step 1: water flows through the Aquafer in an up flow direction.


Step 2: Your water passes through a spring loaded chamber creating a slight pressure drop. This pressure drop initiates the formation of hardness crystals.


Step 3: These crystals then pass through a catalytic surface (similar to a catalytic converter in a car) which greatly multiplies the crystals. The multitude of hardness crystals pass through a strong magnetic field which serves to hold the hardness crystals in suspension for a period of up to 72 hours. This entire process binds hardness particles to each other rather than to your plumbing and fixtures.


Step 4: Your water is filtered through an element / media called Kenetic Degradation Fluxion or KDF. The KDF redox process works by exchanging electrons with contaminants. This give and take process converts many contaminants into harmless components. Chlorine, iron, magnesium, chromium, hydrogen sulfide, heavy metals such as lead and mercury are removed and microbial contaminants, such as algae, bacteria and fungi are controlled as well. 


Step 5: The water then exits the Aquafer and enters your home or business providing you with clean and healthy water.

The Mini Purafier does everything the Purafier does on a smaller scale.


  • Effectively treats homes up to 1500 square feet

  • 750,000 gallons capacity (10 years for a family of 4)

  • System Dimensions: 9.5″ W X 22.5″ H

  • Weight: 35 lbs.

  • Maximum Operating Temperature: 125 (F)

  • Maximum Operating Pressure: 120 (PSI)

  • Maximum Hardness 25 (GPG)

  • Maximum Flow Rate 8 (GPM)

  • No moving parts

Add On Items

Post Polyfilter

This filter is installed with the PuraClean Water Whole House Filter to further aid in reducing hard water spots and hard water scale.

Post Carbon Enhanced Filter

This filter is installed with the PuraClean Water Whole House Filter to further aid in reducing  chlorine and chloramines.

Post Flouride Removal Filter

This filter is installed with the PuraClean Water Whole House Filter to effectively reduce flouride.

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