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Clean Water, Healthy World

Filtered Water at Every Tap

Make your water safe and healthy to drink without the use of any chemicals, salt, electricity or water waste; while reducing scale and extending the life of your plumbing, fixtures and appliancesOur filters provide clean, quality filtered water throughout your entire home, by improving the taste of your water and eliminating odors. 


Eliminate the Need for Plastic Bottles

Our under counter filtration systems provide the best tasting and healthiest drinking water, protecting you and your family from consuming carcinogenic pollutants while drinking water. 

What's in Your Water

National Tap Water Database

Since 2012, water utilities' testing has found pollutants in Americans' tap water, according to an EWG drinking water quality analysis of 32 million state water records. The national average for tap water contaminents is 10, with some above legal limits. 

woman hand holds a glass to Filing it wi

About Us


With over 20 years experience in the water treatment industry, PuraClean Water is a full service water treatment company. We have a reputation for unmatched quality and remarkable service from a team of professional that consistently go above and beyond customer expectations. Our knowledgeable staff can answer any of your questions. We are proud to continually provide an amazing customer experience as well as exceptional value.


At PuraClean Water, we always strive for 100% customer satisfaction. Before our products leave our warehouse, we do a complete inspection and testing of our systems, ensuring the best quality control and product. We can design any system you desire and provide the best product warranties in the water treatment industry. We are proud to offer products designed, engineered and assembled in the USA.


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